Trendy Home Decor Color Ideas

The colors you use in your home can make a big difference in the way the space feels. Different colors have been said to have their own unique affects on our moods, and these often come across in home decor. There are a variety of trendy home decor ideas out there that are perfect for brightening up a dull or dark room. Here are our favorite shades and color combinations for this season and how to incorporate them into your next home remodeling project.

Blue, Yellow, and White

These colors evoke a Mediterranean feel that is absolutely perfect for your kitchen. Yellow is very lively while blue and white have a very calming effect, and the combined result is a room that’s perfect to sit and sip your morning coffee in. These colors look amazing when combined in prints, but you can also pick one to use as your main wall color and use the other two as accents. Make sure to place these colors in a room with lots of light to emphasize their pleasant, airy feel.

Burnt Orange and Beige

Deep orange is a great color for living spaces and offices, and it pairs well with a neutral beige that lets it be the showstopper it is. Orange is bold, exciting, and commanding, but when paired with a light beige, it can also evoke feelings of fall and remind guests of pumpkin and falling leaves. Although orange will be the statement in this color combo, it’s still important that it’s used as an accent, otherwise it can be too heavy and overpowering. Use for accent walls or large pieces of furniture, such as the couch, and balance everything out with light, airy carpets and trim.

Purple and Grey

Purple and grey are both very elegant colors, so it makes sense that they pair so well together. They work well for lounges or bedrooms because of their relaxing, cool tones, and they also work surprisingly well in bathrooms. There are a few different ways to approach this color palette. You can opt for darker tones to create a very elegant look, or you can go for lighter, more versatile shades. Generally, lighter shades are easier to pull off because they don’t weigh the room down. If you go for dark, moody tones, be sure to add lots of lighting fixtures to the space to open it up, and use a lighter trim color like white or cream to break things up if necessary.

Green, Pink, and Black

If you want a color combination that is incredibly lively without being too overwhelming, this is the perfect choice. Feel free to see kitchen remodeling ideas by McDermott. This palette would work well in virtually any room throughout the house. Since pink and green are opposites colors, they pair very nicely together, particularly if you use a dark shade of one color with a lighter version of the other to balance it out. Black accents look very modern and graphic, but you could also opt for a deep brown if you prefer a softer approach. This color palette is ideal for large, open spaces that don’t have too much furniture, because the colors really steal the show. Be sure to incorporate some flowers or other plants with this color palette to really accent its liveliness.

Baby Blue and Light Grey

This color combination is extremely soothing and evokes feelings of the ocean. While the colors are light and very non-offensive, they still look very stylish and are a good way to express your personality. These colors work particularly well in a bedroom because they are so soothing, but they would also look nice in the bathroom or living room. Keep the room feeling serene with lots of soft, neutral decor pieces, and incorporate natural light to brighten things up as well.

Red and Mustard

These colors evoke a fun, retro vibe that’s perfect for kitchens. Both red and mustard are quite lively, but because they are both deep shades, this combo doesn’t look too juvenile or obvious. If you an excessive, bohemian style, try opting for these colors as they fit perfectly into this style. These shades also pair well with big prints, so don’t be afraid to experiment with curtains or even wallpaper.