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Best Coffee Table Accessories

No coffee table is complete without a few adorable accessories to add some style and personality. Decorating your coffee table is one of the easiest ways to put your own unique stamp on a room and make it stand out. You don’t need to spend tons of money to get great accessories either – many of these you can purchase affordably at local boutiques or online. Here are the best coffee table accessories for your space.

Jewelry Boxes

Handcrafted boxes look very chic, and they have the added benefit of providing extra storage as well. Stack boxes of varying styles in the center of your table to add some dimension to the space. You can mix and match different styles for a boho look, or go for a more monocrome color palette.


Instead of putting flowers on your coffee table, try using succulents. Not only do they look cool, but succulents are also very low maintenance when compared to flowers and other plants. To add an edge, use a geometric planter instead of a traditional pot.


Crystals are very trendy right now, but even if you aren’t into the spiritual aspect of these small treasures, they still make a great coffee table piece. Mix and match colors for an ethereal look, or play with light by using reflective ones. Unique shapes are particularly eye-catching on a coffee table as well, so look for crystals that are a little out of the norm.

Snacks and Drinks

Make your coffee table feel a bit more welcoming by displaying your most visually appealing snacks and drinks. An expensive bottle of liquor can look very elegant on a coffee table, or you can opt for a basket of fruit if you want something a bit homier.