About Us

We are a home decor exhibition that hosts a variety of events around the world. Our events present the latest trends and products in home decor and home remodeling. We also provide an open forum for home decor professionals to communicate and meet up. Our goal is to further developments in the home decor and home remodeling industry. We believe that the home is not just a place to spend time, it’s a place to truly enjoy.

Our events are open to both professionals and home decor enthusiasts alike. You can get tickets from our events here on our website. We also have a limited number of tickets available at the door for certain events. We have a yearly touring home decor exhibition that visits many major cities in North America and Europe. We also host home decor conferences, where home design professionals give informative panels, and you can network with others in the field at social events.

Our home decor exhibits have been featured in major publications, and many of the home decor products that we have featured have gone on to be best sellers. We focus on quality and innovation when curating our exhibits. Although we do feature the latest trends, we also want to feature products that are practical and easy to use in any home. We also curate each show slightly differently to appeal to its specific location. For example, our exhibits in New York would have a sleek, minimalist look, while our Los Angeles exhibits focus more on a colorful, bohemian style.

Be sure to keep up with us here on our website as well as on social media. You’ll find information on our upcoming exhibitions as well as interviews and articles about our current features. We love to hear from you, so be sure to share your comments and questions on social media!